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White Pearl Stud Earrings


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White Pearl Stud Earrings

Earrings with closure in the form of earstud is decorated with silver in the shape of the drop.
This drop was finished in an unusual way, creating a kind of ornament.
It’s a great combination of silver with a pearl gives this amazing effect.

Length: approx 32 mm / 1.26″
Diameter of the pearl: approx 9 mm / 0.35″

Pearl Shell are produced by hand in the laboratory. The raw material for their product is natural shell, which is often machined and polished to obtain a final product with high quality. Due to the fact that shell pearls are made of the same material as harvested or cultured pearls, they retain their brilliance, durability, weight and cold. Therefore, in any way should not be compared to glass beads (Swarovski), or plastic.


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