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Dalmatian Jasper Bead Bracelet with 9ct Gold Bead

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Dalmatian Jasper Bead Bracelet with 9ct Gold Bead

Jasper Bead Bracelet with Gold Bead

Dalmatian jasper bead bracelet owes its unique appearance to the gemstone we used to create it.
The stone has an unusual non-uniform colour. Dark spots are woven into the light background.
The whole composition we complemented by adding the golden bead.
We suggest to wear this bracelet along with other bracelets like onyx beaded bracelet or howlite beaded bracelet.

Jasper Bracelet Creation

To handmade this exceptional bracelet we used

♥ 8 mm Dalmatian Jasper Beads
♥ 7 mm 9ct Gold bead

and to put everything together we bound all beads with the strong  stretch cord.

Dalmatian jasper properties

Dalmatian jasper helps us release our tendencies to over think or over analyse things. When you wear it, your mood lifts immediately. Many friends of ours wear it to places where people are expecting to have a dull time. The night starts off better and that makes a difference in the outcome of the whole evening.
Traditionally when worn as a decorative bracelet jasper is known to combat exhaustion.

Dalmatian Jasper will cleanse and gently energize your auric field.
It is calming stone that helps to strengthen family loyalties and give you the ability to sense who is a true friend and to see through scams. It encourages working with others and unity when working with animals. Dalmatian Jasper is a wonderful stone for those who work in the veterinary or animal fields.

Dalmatian Jasper is the perfect gemstone to wear when you need help to view your own strengths and weaknesses. This form of Jasper also helps to keep you grounded to the Earth. It is a great gift idea for a friend as it also represents loyalty and long term relationship.

It is also a protection amulet for those who suffer from nightmares, negative thinking, depression and also helpful in keeping one relaxed and in good spirits.

The dalmatian jasper bead bracelet we created in our home studio ♥

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